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"We were paying up to 40 cents a lead... you guys have saved us thousands on advertising, thank you!.."
"We have used your product to market our own advertising site with great success! ..."

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New - version 2.3!

Imagine being able to extract targeted business lists from national yellow pages listings when you need them for FREE! With Contact Spyder you can!
In fact, that's what you get when you have the power of Contact Spyder!

Here's what you can do:
*Create targeted Business lists for FREE!
*Create FAX number lists for FREE!
*Create Business Phone Lists for FREE!
*Create Lists from USA and Canada!
*Customize lists via Keyword search!
*Unlimited uses from your PC!
*Extracting live from the internet insures data is more current!

About the data extracted with Contact Spyder:
Contact Spyder saves the data to a plain text file. This is a delimited file(the most common format), a CSV file. Files created with Contact Spyder can be easily imported into most applications. Click here for more information.

Download Contact Spyder FREE 30 day demo!

Here's how it works
1)Download and install Contact Spyder.
2)Enter the location you want to extract businesses from.
3)Choose the type of businesses you want, or specify any keyword!
4)Click begin!
Contact Spyder searches online yellow pages for the businesses you want!
All the results are saved to a CSV text file and ready to be used! Easy to import into Microsoft's Excel,
Word, ACT or just about any other software!

Hesitant about purchasing? We don't want you to feel uncomfortable, Download our free demo!
If you're already spending more than $450 a year in lists... you break even!
Think about it.... you're probably spending .10 to .40 a lead or more, when you can do it yourself
for FREE! Do the math!

Our product has been saving businesses money for years!

Special Price
$449.99 Purchase this product